Lawn Care Leeds - Lawn Treatments

Lawn Care Leeds - Lawn Treatments
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Patchy lawn in your Leeds home? We can help

If your lawn is looking deshevilled, tired or worn out and has seen better days, call us. We're a specialist team of Leeds based landscape gardeners with a passion for lawn care and, with just a few simple and affordable treatments, we can bring it back to life very quickly.

So what's the problem?

Your lawn may be infested with weeds such as ragwort, giant hogweed, clover, thistles or dandelions - or it may be being starved of light and oxygen due to moss. Whatever the issue, we can help.

A swift and affordable solution to killing lawn weeds in Leeds

We can offer lawn care treatment across Leeds and do it throughout the year, but aim to have special focus in spring, mid-summer and autumn.

We offer a range of services to ensure that your lawn is the envy of the city, including:

  • Weed control for infested lawns - even if you think your lawn is past it, we can help
  • Moss killing for lawns - let your lawn dry out and breathe again by destroying the moss
  • General garden weed killing - straightforward weed killing for gravelled and border areas
  • Algae removal - we can easily remove the slippy algae from paths, drives and decking
  • Larger areas - treatment for weed problems on areas like tennis courts and car parks

Whatever your needs, be they a single treatment or a series of lawn care treatments across the year, get in touch. You'll find our prices are very competitive, our service is very good and our expertise unbeatable. Call us today.

Prefer us to call you?

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